Certain combinations of appendages give extra skills when used together.

Confirmed Skill Combos: Species: Result:
Dragon Claws + Dragon Horns + Dragon Wings + Small Teeth Any Breath Attack II B
Eagle Wings + Talons Any Claws II B
Small Teeth + Small Claws Any Claws II B 
Dorsal Fin + Tail Fin Fish Confusion II B
Bat Wings + Fangs Any Confusion II T
Mandibles + Pincers Any Crush II B
Bristles + Scorpion Tail Any Duration attachment
Insect Antenna + Butterfly Wings Moth Forget II B
Stegosaurus Back + Stegosaurus Tail Any Parry II B
Antlers + Hooves Any Parry II B
Hooves + Goat Horns Any Spear II B
Insect Wings + Mandibles + Small Horns Any Speed II B
Dorsal Fin + Tail Fin Any Speed II B, Duration attachment
Eagle Wings + Tail Feathers Any Speed II T
Mandibles + Scorpion Tail Spider Weaken II B
Snake Tongue + Lizard Tail Any Dispel Deteriorations II B
Snake Tongue + Lizard Tail Lizard Dispel Deteriorations II B, Heal II T, Restore Health Points
Bone Beak + Bone Horn + Bone Claws Any Breath Attack II B
Bone Dorsal Spikes + Bone Wings + Bone Tail Any Fizzle II R, Dispel Attachment
Bone Dorsal Spikes + Bone Wings + Bone Tail

+ Bone Beak + Bone Horn + Bone Claws

Any Fizzle II B, Duration attachment, Damage attachment

The Damage attachment might also come from Bone Beak + Bone Horn + Bone Claws combo but I will test it further.

Confirmed Trait Combos: Species: Result:
Eagle Wings + Tail Feathers Any Extra level of Agile
Bone Dorsal Spikes + Bone Wings + Bone Tail

+ Bone Beak + Bone Horn + Bone Claws

Any Resourceful, Fizzler, Conjurer

Unconfirmed Combos: Species: Result:
Snake Tongue + Frog Feet Any Sickly
Long Teeth + Antlers + Dragon Claws + Insect Wings + Short Dorsal Spikes + Scorpion Tail Gorilla Breath Attack II B
Butterfly Wings + Frog Feet + Unicorn Horn + Snake Tongue Lizard Speed II T
Eagle Wings + Tail Feathers Bird Speed attachment
Pure Green Male + Pure Green Female Moth Speed attachment
Pure Red Male + Pure Red Female Moth Physical Damage attachment
Small Claws + Stegosaurus Back + Stegosaurus Tail Lizard

Crush II B

Bone Wings + Small Dorsal Spikes + Small Teeth + Small Claws + Lion Tail/Spiked Tail Wolf Slow II T
(some combination of)Dragon Wings + Stegosaurus Back + Small Teeth + Dragon Claws + Dragon Horns + Stegosaurus Tail Dragon Impair II T

While making my racial apped cerberus, I got a wolf with the apps. Had an extra slow II T. Possibly attaches too. Two wolves with different apps had it. One had bone horn, other dragon horns. Can't remember which tail. Wasn't present on lizards, owlbears, mammoths, steeds. A dragon I bought with these appendages had two Impair Mind II T, not just the one from racial horns.

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