A Beholder with Small Claws


Mystical (Tier 5)

Max Level:


Max HP:


Max PP:


Max SP:






Favorite Food:

A Grade Meat


Parallel Universe

Beholders are a tier 5 critter that are born after thirteen generations of successful cross-breeding between a Hydra and a Mantis. When a Beholder attains Max Level, you may retire it for a Gene Splicer (Fizzler).

Natural Skills: 1 Crush II R, 1 Breath Attack I R, 1 Impair Mind II R, 1 Dispel Bonuses II T, 2 Physical Damage attachments, 1 Dispel attachment, 1 Duration attachment, 1 Damage attachment

Natural Traits: Conjurer, Dispeler, Fizzler, Hexer, Flimsy, Weak, Venomous, and Environment Affinity (Air)

Natural Combos
Impair Mind II T Antlers
Speed II T Bat Wings
Resist II T Bone Dorsal Spikes
Strength II T Scorpion Tail
Slow II T Mandibles
Vulnerability II T Frog Feet

Super Combo

Horns Small Horns
Wings Insect Wings
Dorsal N/A
Tail Scorpion Tail
Jaw Mandibles
Claws N/A

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