Tier 1 eggs look like they're dotted with specks. The colour doesn't mean anything. Critters that come out of tier 1 eggs are Wolves, Moths, Fishes, Lizards or Birds.

T1 Egg

Tier 2 eggs look there are small rocks on it. These critters will be in a tier 2 egg: Spiders, Raptors, Owlbears, Toads and Crustaceans.

Tier 2 egg

Tier 3 eggs look like they're coated in roots. Critters that hatch from tier 3 eggs are Calamari, Crocodiles, Hornets, Mammoths, Walruses and Steeds.

Tier 3 egg

Tier 4 eggs have a crystal sticking out of a rock at the bottom. Hatching tier 4 eggs will result in getting Dragons, Gorillas, Hydras, Mantises, Tortoises or Lions.

Tier 4 egg
Tier 5 eggs sparkle and have a stony crown on the lower half with a reversed dragon head reaching to the center. If you manage to get such a tier 5 egg you're expecting to get either a Wyrm, a Cerberus or a Beholder. T5 Egg

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