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All jaw appendage types will add at least one red attack skill, one Dispel attachment, and one Duration attachment. (Snake Tongue and Mandibles each add 2 Duration attachments.) In addition, each jaw appendage type will give an additional Slow II T, when used on a specific species of critter. Here is a list of the different jaw types and which species each gives this "bonus" piece to.

Different Jaw Types:

Bone beak --Effect unknown.

Fangs--Gives Slow II T when used on a Calamari, Walrus

Long Teeth--Gives Slow II T when used on a Fish, Crocodile

Mandibles--Gives Slow II T when used on a Moth, Spider, Crustacean, Hornet, Mantis

Snake Tongue--Gives Slow II T when used on a Bird, Lizard, Toad, Hydra, Tortoise

Small Teeth--Gives Slow II T when used on a Wolf, Raptor, Dragon

Tusks--Gives Slow II T when used on a Mammoth

Currently Unknown:

Owlbear -- Not Fangs / Mandibles / Small Teeth
Gorilla -- Not Mandibles/ fangs/ snake tongue/ tusks

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