Description: Increases the amount of condition duration dispelled.

PP: 1.5, +0.5 per level, rounded down

Effect: Dispel +2 (+1 per level)

Other: Attaches to a Dispel Bonuses or Dispel Deteriorations piece. An extra Dispel attachment indicates gpac or Resilient.

Appendage Sources: Number of Dispel attachments:
Any Jaw 1
Frog Feet 1
Tail Fin 1
Bone Tail 1
Butterfly Wings + Insect Antenna (Moth only?) 1
Bone Wings + Bone Dorsal Spikes + Bone Tail 1
Species Sources:
(T1) Fish 1
(T2) Spider 1
(T3) Calamari 1
(T3) Mammoth 1
(T3) Steed 1
(T4) Mantis 1

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