This site aim to collect all those 4 star usables gained from quests, as they usually are sole pages floating around the wiki

All items presented here can not be bought, only be aquired through quests.

Perfumed SoapEdit

Perfumed soap

Description: Clean up as best as possible

Effect: Restores health +15, Jealousy +20%

Anti-aging creamEdit

Anti-aging cream

Description: Refreshes the skin

Effect: Restores health +70%, restore happiness +70% and jealousy +30%

Nutritious chewing boneEdit

Bone 60

Description: A chewing toy that is good for health

Effect: Restores health +15, restores happiness +15 and Jealousy +20%

Remote-Controled CatEdit

Remote controled cat

Description: Something for your pet to chase after

Effect: Restores happiness +80% and Jealousy +30%

Flying Aeronautical DiscusEdit

Flying aeronautical discus

Description: Play catch with your pet

Effect: Hapinness +20, Jealousy +20%

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