Ok, lets start. I´m just making this page because I always though this wiki should have one like this. Ranking functions in this way if you beat a crittter which has highter ranking than yours, your critter will go up ranks and if you lose to a critter who has higher or lower rank than yours you stay at the same rank or maybe you go down some ranks. The arrow in the right shows how many ranks your critter is gaining or losing. You may have seen critters with lower level than urs but some give more money than others. Example: You see 2 crits in your oponent list and both are lower level than your critter but one gives 600 credits and the other only 20 thats because the one of 600 credits has a higher rank than yours. Some tips to stay at high ranks are:

-Stay active as long as possible

-Save some stamina in case you go down some ranks

-Fight with critters which you are sure have a higher rank than yours, you can use energy drinks if you want

OK I hope this will help someone out there with their rank problems

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