Strength II T

Description: Raises your physical strength.

Requires: Thinking

Target: Self

PP: 3.5 (+.5 per level), rounded down

Effects: Physical Damage (condition effect) +8, +1% (+4, +1% per level)

Physical Parry (condition effect) +8, +1% (+4, +1% per level)

Duration +2.05

Sources: Tails, specifically:

Lion Tail when used on a Wolf, Mammoth, Gorilla

Lizard Tail when used on a Lizard, Raptor, Crocodile, Dragon

Scorpion Tail when used on a Moth, Crustacean, Spider, Hornet, Mantis, Beholder

Spiked Tail when used on a Walrus, Tortoise, Cerberus

Stegosaurus Tail when used on a Toad, Wyrm

Tail Feathers when used on a Bird, Owlbear

Tail Fin when used on a Fish, Calamari, Hydra

Bone Tail when used on a Steed

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