Okay, I am creating this page to be dedicated to displaying theories about Critter Forge's mechanics.

EpicLord's Theory: That brings me to my 2nd theory, but it is much less proven and may just be total luck. This time it is about foreign traits. While breeding throughout the game, I haven't had a single critter with any foreign. However, my last 2 breeds that turned out into a steed and the crusty depicted in my previous theory all have multiple foreigns. They were both cross bred and had no lineage of foreigns. The only thing they have in common is that they have Bone Appendages. My loose theory is that Bone Appendages increase the chance for foreign traits to appear. Much more testing is needed.

Also, in light of my recent discovery of a new app combo, I have another theory. I predict that every single appendage has at least on app combo. I encourage all of you to try and figure out what combo there could be for the appendages without one.

I will be doing more in regard to all of these theories, but I am a little light on cash. I would greatly appreciate if you guys would try to perform similar breeding experiments, or donate me a little bit of money so I can pay for samples to do it myself and post the results here.

Note: 6 bone app critters do have 2 Breath Attack II B. One comes from Bone Beak and the other is probably Bone Beak + Horn + Claws. In terms of foreign traits, I'm finding that critters that have been bred for several generations tend to have more foreigns appear regardless of appendages. For testing app combinations, a fast method would be to begin by making critters with all appendages that match their species. This method would take longer for higher tiers, but is most likely to yield new results. -Dimage

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