Tokens are a currency used by Critter Forge's creator Edgebee games. You are given 100 when you make a new account.

There are three different ways to get more tokens:

1. You can purchase them with real money (However the game is still very enjoyable without making any purchases),

2. You can get them from daily spin or

3. You can use Trial Pay to get them (only on Edgebee).


A good use of your intial 100 tokens would be to save them to unlock the 8th stable, as you cannot unlock this stall with credits alone.

If you happen to purchase more tokens, spending them to get all 24 stables, a 200 slot inventory, and then a level 10 syndicate would not be a bad idea as well. You can also upgrade your feeders. This allows you to build up your own stalls and strength before worrying about syndicates.

Many token items can be found through questing, so buying them is not necessary.

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